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Who wants to train like a Warrior? 
Look like a Warrior?
Think like a Warrior?
Eat like a Warrior?

Attention: MMA Combat professionals, Military Personnel, Martial Artists, Boxers, Muy Thai Fighters, BJJ fighters, Wrestlers or anyone who just wants to train like a Fighter without getting punched in the face!

You came to the right place! Here at "Dragon MMA Workouts" you will find the very best programs that I have used to obtain the Warrior Physique, Win a gold medal at my first BJJ tournament 49 yrs,
Overcome Cancer and chemo at 35 yrs, overcame many more obstacles using Fitness, Martial Arts, Nutrition and Mental Training: Hypnosis, NLP, Energy Psychology, Emotion Code, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Visualization.

  • Over 40 years in the fitness industry
  • US Army Veteran
  • US Army Fitness score of 297 out of 300
  • Certified MMA Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Certified Fitness Trainer I.S.S.A
  • Certified Emotion Code
  • BJJ, Muay Thai Martial Artist
  • 51 yr old Grandpa, Father of 4 boys.
My Vision for America is transform human kind from Electronics/Cell Phone/Gaming/TV addicts into Modern Day Warriors. Dragon MMA Workouts desires to be the most Efficient, Inspiring, Motivating, knowledgeable Driving Force of Fitness information on the net today. Within the pages of this site you will find the best materials for:
The name DRAGON MMA WORKOUT is inspired from Bruce Lee "The Dragon" Training methods. Who was the Godfather of Mixed Martial Arts by combining ALL of the Best styles which gave birth to what we have today in professional combat sports in the UFC, Bellator and other arenas.
  1. Chinese Kung fu, Wing Chung
  2. American Boxing
  3. Brazilian Jui Jitsu
  4. Korean Tae Kwon do
  5. Thailand Muy Thai 
  6. Greco Roman Wrestling
  7. Japanese Karate
Molded them into his own "formless" Martial art called "Jeet Kune Do". 
He also took physical training to a new level by combining weight training for strength, jogging for endurance, Circuit Training for strength and cardio, Punching and Kicking drills for skills, Chinese Herbal formulas and juicing for Health.
Taking Bruce Lee's ideas of combining several methods into one unique style of Training the Mind and Body I am taking it to the next level by creating this site which has all of the very best Physical, Mental and Spiritual Training tactics available anywhere. Everything on this site I have used, field tested and tried over the many years of training, I still have lots to learn however of the few things I have found to help me I pass them on to you. 

In Health and Strength 
Chad "Maximus" Hilliard



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