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MMA Mental Game and the Truth about the Zone

The Zone - it is the Holy Grail of the MMA mental game... the elusive mind/body
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state in which everything comes together.

Fighters describing the experience of being "in the zone" usually
sound like this:

"Everything felt right"

"My punches were so fluid"

"I knew exactly what to do"

Etc, Etc.

Ah yes...all fighters have had this experience. Some for only a
moment or two, some for fight or even a string of fights.

But what is the Zone, anyway?

How do we get there and STAY there?

There are certainly plenty of theories thrown by PhDs in sports
psychology as to the exact biochemical happenings in the brain and 
nervous system during "zone time".
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They even hook athletes up with electrodes and monitor a boatload
of information and biofeedback data. This is all done to assist these
athletes in their quest for the Holy Grail...the Zone.

They just don't get combat sports psychology, and the MMA mental game.

Although it would be kind to assume that these Ivory Tower
theorists have the best intentions, my gut tells me that it is
usually more a case of "intellectual egotism".

Regardless, the whole thing really reminds me of Monty Python and
The Holy Grail.

In other words, a fruitless endeavor doomed to failure because it
is based on inane premises and therefore produces deluded

However, it does provide a decent amount of comic relief, at least
for me.

OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating (but just a little bit).

The quest to somehow evoke the Zone state and maintain it is
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misguided by most people because it is seen as a foreign
destination - a state of being outside of the golfer's natural
mind/body state.

Here's the big news ...drum roll please...the Zone is your natural
state of being.

That's right - the Zone is NOT a state of being that you have to
"get into" and then hope and pray that you stay there.

Rather, the Zone is your true state of mental and physical being.

It is the place to which you return when you are finally able to
eliminate and clear the specific impediments to your natural
freedom state.

These impediments include (but are not limited to):

Self doubt
Comfort Zones
Etc., etc.

The important point is that these issues keep you from LIVING in
the zone, both inside the ring/cage and out.

The key is to "clear" or "eliminate" these issues... and then...
POW!...you are in the Zone.

This is the key to mastering your MMA mental game.

After a relatively short period of time, the Zone will start to
feel normal, because it is indeed your natural state of being.

Renegade Fighter Mindset Techniques are designed to clear these
issues that keep you from being in the Zone, and from racking up the
victories you deserve.

Our Renegade Fighter program is not the only way to clear your
issues. It just happens to be extremely fast, simple to learn, and
is specific to combat sports.

No electrodes or biofeedback devices required.

Are YOU ready to LIVE in the ZONE?

Forget about the quest for the Holy Grail. Leave that to Knights
who say "NI" (and the PhDs).

go here for more information that will totally shock you.

Renegade Fighter

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