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The Athleticism of MMA Fighters

If we’re looking at the sheer athleticism of MMA Fighters we can break this down into a few
different areas.
  • Increased Energy
  • Faster Recovery
  • Hormonal Support
  • Increased Qualities of Athleticism (Strength,Speed, Flexibility, etc.)
Your diet is going to come into play on every single one of these. In addition to moving
towards a natural diet and away from over processed, chemical laden foods you’ll want
 to figure out what sort of food works best for you. Although everyone thinks in terms of
 carbs for energy, personally I do well with a higher fat diet than most. But then again
my metabolism is so fast I have to constantly feed it calories.
What herbs are best for Athletes? Something
 like pine pollen tincture is a good place to start, especially if you are over 30 and your 
testosterone has waned along with your energy levels.
Let’s look at each one of these in turn.
Table of Contents
  • 1 #1 Increased Energy and Endurance
  • 2 #2 Better Recovery
  • 3 #3 Hormonal Support
  • 4 #4 Increased Qualities of Athleticism (Strength, Flexibility, Coordination etc.)

#1 Increased Energy and Endurance

You need to have enough energy to workout in the first place, and of course you need
energy to keep going in your training too. So this is probably the most obvious place to start.
Ant Extract – This is one herb that people tend to feel more so than others.
It tends to give usable energy basically right away.
Pine Pollen Powder – probably because of all the micro-nutrients, but possibly also hormonal,
many people report greater energy when on pine pollen.
Shilajit – As the “conqueror of mountains”, it helps mitigate fatigue and supports the mitochondria 
to produce more ATP.
Cordyceps – Improves work output, alleviates fatigue, works on the Lungs, and more.
Eleuthero (AKA Siberian Ginseng)– Anti-fatigue and adaptogen, this was used by most Russian athletes for many years.
Rhodiola – Anti-fatigue and adaptogen, very similar to eleuthero in its effects.
zane christopher abrefoot marathons
Some of the adaptogens are probably the best bet for increasing endurance.

#2 Better Recovery

While training is important, if you can’t recover from what you do, you won’t get the benefit.
In fact, recovery is probably the more important piece of the puzzle when looking at how
herbs can help you.
Maral Root – Probably my #1 herb for recovery. Russian research showed increased 
recovery, including increasing work capacity, muscle mass, stress reduction and more.
He Shou Wu – As a Yin Jing herb, and one of the best of them, he shou wu would also be 
useful to use for added recovery.
All of the adaptogen class of herbs can help here. They help your body to better adapt.
Therefore, if you’re doing any sort of training they can help you adapt to it,
and that means your recovery will improve.

#3 Hormonal Support

This could be considered a subset of the above, or possibly a higher order class.
That’s because if your hormones are working well you’ll recover better, have better energy,
and just plain perform better in your training or sport.
Pine Pollen Powder – As a source of phyto-androgens, 
either the powder or tincture could definitely help.
Tongkat Ali – This powerful extract works in multiple pathways.

Herbs help build muscle for strength. This was me at 46 Still a work in progress, I definitely benefit a great deal from these herbs.

#4 Increased Qualities of Athleticism (Strength, Flexibility, Coordination etc.)

Here it depends on what you’re specifically going for. Let’s break this down further into each
a) Strength
Guduchi and Shilajit are both said to increase strength.
Yang Jing herbs like Cistanche and Tongkat Ali, probably due to their hormonal benefits, 
are also good candidates for this action.
Its hard to say if herbs will directly increase strength like on a deadlift.
Instead I more think that they will help you to do the training so that you get stronger.
b) Flexibility
Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have anything specific to this…yet. We are investigating
and experimenting with a few options like Cissus, Eucommia Bark and more.
Various herbal liniments are often rubbed on areas to aid in flexibility.
Another one that I’ve heard of that works is Proteolytic Enzymes,
which can eat up scar tissue that can hinder your flexibility.
c) Coordination
Athleticism isn’t all about the physical. It’s mental too.
Coordination can be thought of as the junction of the two.
Thus, any of the mental supporting herbs could possibly help here.
Schisandra – As an adaptogen, for me anyway, I feel this one a little more mentally. 
It aids in concentration and focus.
Does this stuff actually work? Just ask are several sponsored martial arts athlete’s
and others that engage in all manners of training.
If you want a stack of our products to include all of the above you can try this.
  1. Pine Pollen Tincture – A good dose of pine pollen tincture each day will provide lots of basic micronutrients in addition to the androgenic support I recommend the tincture over the powder for sheer androgen support. Although the powder is a superfood in itself.
  2. Spartan Broad Spectrum Adaptogen Formula – Why use just one adaptogen when you can have four? This blend brings you the slightly different benefits of cordyceps, eleuthero, rhodiola and schisandra. This means greater energy, less fatigue, greater recovery and work capacity.
  3. Hercules Pre-Workout Formula – Get amped up for your workouts with Ant, Cistanche and Maral Root (which will also aid in recovery too).
  4. Shilajit Resin – Taking shilajit along with anything else potentiates its effects. And as the Destroyer of Weakness it belongs in an athlete pack by itself. Great for energy and endurance.
Sure, we could add more, but I think this combination gives you everything above, and then some, and without going overboard on it either. Feel free to make your own custom combination.
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