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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Free Tactical Pen and Self Defense Guide

Dear Fighter,
Enter your shipping address now  and get your free STRIKEPEN™, complements of Ape Survival™. 
By now you have probably heard about these bad 2 tha bone self defense Pens. They are giving away 700 of their Premium Tactical Pens, you just need to tell them where to ship it!
The STRIKEPEN™ makes for the perfect self-defense tool:
It’s discreet, compact and easy to carry yet is solid enough to pack a brutal blow that will knockout any opponent.  Plus, it’s a fully functional pen you’re going to use every day.
But if you want one, you need to act now because the last giveaway only lasted 2 hours before stock was gone.
To get your free STRIKEPEN™ enter your shipping address here.
To a safe future,
P.S. Over 2300 STRIKEPENS have already been shipped out so these last 700 won’t last long!
P.P.S. Just so you know, the last 700 have been reserved for DRAGON MMA  readers only (This means YOU!) So, don’t miss your chance because they’re going to go very fast!
Tactical Pen Self Defense Moves

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