Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Self Defense For Women: Kick to the Groin

Secrets Of The Self Defense Groin Kick!
The self defense groin kick is without a doubt a valuable technique in close quarters combat.  (Any guy who’s ever come crashing down on the crossbar of his bicycle knows that.)  But there’s a bunch of mistakes that many martial artists make when executing a groin kick for self defense – mistakes that can actually end up hurting YOU as a result if you don’t do pay close attention to these aspects of your technique.
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #1: Use In Close Quarters Combat!
Don’t go for a groin kick from far away!  As men, we have a subconscious radar that register when someone is going to hit our groin.  This makes it harder to deliver an effective groin kick because he’s more likely to turn to avoid the kick as an instinctive reaction.
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #2: Beware The Headbutt!
Self defense groin kicks, when used as taught in most “traditional” training settings, use a “linear” approach that places the martial artist directly in front of their attacker. But the way the body naturally reacts when hit with a groin kick is to instantly bend forward.
If you attempt a groin kick for self defense when you’re right in front of your attacker, this places you right in the way of your attacker’s head as it comes crashing down in an involuntary reaction.  Needless to say, you don’t want to transform  your groin kick against your attacker into a “headbutt” that takes YOU out of the fight.  This IS for “self defense” remember!
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Defense Groin Kick Secret #3: Attack HIGH First!

You can stop the natural “headbutt” reaction by first striking high to your attacker’s body.  This also makes sure that he doesn’t see the groin kick coming and you can deliver more power in your technique.
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #4: Shift Your Body!

The secret to proper execution for a self defense groin kick then is to kick while shifting your body slightly to the SIDE as you kick.  When you execute this technique in this way, you can actually deliver more power AND make sure you’re out of the way should your attacker’s head lurch forward.
Consider all of these techniques the next time you train for the self defense groin kick!

This can be your most effective defense if you do not have any weapons for self defense.

Consider the range of your leg. It has the greatest potential for knocking a would be Male Attacker.

Also consider your knee as a backup weapon for close range.

Important note even if a male is on top of you he would most likely be holding you down with one arm, well ladies he MUST use his other arm to undo his pants right! Well that will free up your other arm and gives you a chance to Attack his EYES, with an eye gouge
Use your thumbs like this.
use your fingernails to inflict pain to all of the "Soft Tissue" Targets, 
Ears, a flat handed pop to an ear will send shockwaves of pain into anyones head
Nostrills shove 2 fingers straight up the nose forcefully
Neck and Throat  like this 

Use Your Mouth BITE him as hard as you can!!!
Your Jaw is the strongest muscle in the human body use it to your advantage.

The pain Prevention weighs an ounce....
but the Pain of un-preparedness weighs a TON.

Prepare yourself with a small keychain of Mace, Pepper spray and use a small keychain weapon called a "Kubotan"
(see weapons for self defense below)

Knowledge Is Power
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Womens Self Defense Kick to the Groin tutorial video

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