Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DIY Grip Training Equipment For Jiu Jitsu

How to build your own Grip Training Equipment.

All Jiu Jitsu fighters know how important Grip Training is to their game. Constantly grabbing a lapel for a choke or to control an opponent.

         How do we train for Grip Strength? Well not only does this Video plus manual give you a complete training guide on how to get a crushing grip with 8 weeks worth of workouts but also shows you how to build your Grip Training Machines with common everyday items that you can get at most hardware stores, for cheap.

Not only do we show you how to quickly make a tool that will strengthen your upper back and improve your should mobility and stability, but we give you a technique tutorial on 
how to properly and safely use it

- Not only do we show you how to build one of the best conditioning tools ever designed out of materials you have lying around your house, but we also show you movements you can do with it that are fun and will make you a better, stronger athlete. 

- And also, not only do we show you how to build the MOST CHALLENGING thick bar I have ever trained on, we show you multiple ways how to use it to improve your grip strength.


Top Grip Training Exercises.
1. Pull up bar hangs.
2. Forearm Barbell curls.
3. Forearm Barbell reverse curls.
4. Rope Climbing
5. Rock Climbing
6. One arm pull up bar hangs.
7. Deadlifts.
8. Rackpulls.
9. Gi Pullups
10. Battleropes
11. Behind the back Barbell curls.
12. Hand Held Grippers

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